"Mahar Kat Pi Ya" Play
Speaker : U Tun Tint
Count : 1655
Uploaded Date : 2016-09-27 23:43:07

Story Line : Mahar Kapi play is a play in 550 lives of graceful Buddha plays. Mahar mean very great and Kapi mean monkey. Buddha preached King of Monkeys play for the follower monks at Zaytawon monestry in Thar wut Hti country. While King Byamadut was governing in Baryarnathi, Bodhisatta was a king of monkeys in Himawontar wood. The Monkeys live on a very big mango tree. The monkeys eat good smell and very sweet mango fruit. The king of monkey governed 80000 monkeys at the mango tree beside Ginga River. One branch of the mango tree is on the river. So the monkey king directed to monkeys to eat first and all of mangoes from this branch. The monkey king has known the danger of monkeys. One day, a mango among the thick mango leaf remain for eat. The monkeys miss the one. In time to fall, the big mango fall in the river and flow away from mango tree. At this time, Byamadut King was swimming in this river. Many followers set up the nets up and down of river to prevent from various dangers. The mango was caught in the net. After the swimming, the followers set off the nets and they saw a very big and so good smell mango. So they give this fruit to king. Next, what will be this case? Do you want to know? Play on "Mahar Kapi" story.