"Ku Da War Nit Za" Play
Speaker : U Tun Tint
Count : 1723
Uploaded Date : 2016-09-22 03:02:49

Story Line : Kuta Warniza play is a play in 550 lives of graceful Buddha plays. Kuta mean dishonest and Waniza mean merchant. Buddha preached Kuta Warniza play for the present matter to the past life at Zaytawon monestry in Thar wut Hti country. While King Byamandut was governing in Baryarnathi, Bodhisatta was a wisdom minister in kingdom. There were two merchant. They are friend and trade many goods together. The dishonest merchant lives in town and honest merchant lives in village. One day, the honest merchant entrust his goods as 500 pieces of iron tooth of harrow to dishonest merchant. Some months later, he requests his iron teeth of harrow. But dishonest merchant said that all of yours gone, the rats bite yours. Really, he sold out all. At this time, the simple merchant, how did to react this case? If you want to know, turn on Kuta Warniza play and you will know the price of honest and dishonest.