Speaker : Kawlate Gyin Nay Win, U Zaw Win, Tin Tin Htwe, Win Myint, May Thit, Yin Yin Mya
Count : 3933
Uploaded Date : 2016-09-05 05:52:11

Story Line : "Pride" story express very huge love of a father onto his daughter. U Yar Zar is a disabled person and musician. He has a motherless daughter. He taught music to his daughter in childhood. He loves his daughter so much. Ya Min is a daughter of musician U Yar Zar. She is a famous singer in childhood. Her father taught her basic music while she was young. She love her father so much. U Aung Myin is a famous film director from Yangon. One day, he need young actress for his film. So he looking for many places for young actress. He met U Yar Zar and Ya Min. He asked to U Yar Zar to bring Ya Min with him to Yangon for young actress. At first, U Yar Zar denied bitterly for love.But he thought about Ya min's good future and then he accepted. Then father and daughter departed away each other. What will be next? The famous actor college-gen Nay Win, singer Tin Tin Htwe and May Naing Win acted in this play. If you interested to listen in a good audio story, you should turn on "Pride".