Mother Gratitude
Mother Gratitude
Speaker : Kawlate Gyin Nay Win, Tin Tin Htwe, Win Myint, Aung Htun Lay
Count : 3195
Uploaded Date : 2016-08-20 04:30:20

Story Line : "Mother Gratitude" story express very huge love of a mother onto her son. Aunt Bwar and Thike Bwar are twin brother. Aunt Bwar is a leader of dacoit and Thike Bwar is a doctor. They were departed away each other since their young time. Dacoit leader Aunt Bwar married to Hmwe and got a son, doctor Thike Bwar married to Ma Khin Mya and born a son. Twin brother, two mother and two son, how they play, what would be their fate, what would be ending of the story? The famous actor college-gen Nay Win and Aung Tun Lay acted in this play. If you interested to listen in a good audio story, you should turn on "Mother Gratitude".