"Thein Ga Pop Pa" Play
Speaker : U Tun Tint
Count : 2362
Uploaded Date : 2016-08-12 02:40:11

Story Line : Theinga Popepa play is a play in 550 lives of graceful Buddha plays. Theinga mean smell and Popepa mean play. Theinga Popepa story state do or don't in life monk and ordinary human. There was a monk while Buddha lives in Zaytawon monastery, Thar Wut Hti country. One day, the monk was near a pond. Many sacred lotuses bloomed in the pond and the monk feel good smell. So the monk breathes the smell of lotus for little long time. Goddess of forest accused to monk as a thief of smell. The monk annoy for this case. So he told to Buddha about this. Buddha preached to the monk this play. How Buddha preached? Do you want to know? Please turn on Theinga Popepa audio play.