Mighty Mother
Mighty Mother
Speaker : Naing Lin, Tin Tin Htwe (Yu), Tint Nay Win, Mi Mi Aung
Count : 3571
Uploaded Date : 2016-07-01 03:08:13

Story Line : "Mighty Mother" play is show the mother's love and power who Daw Htar passed through the life roughly and difficultly. She have changed 3 husbands and got 4 children . Maung Kaung Htet, eldest son of Daw Htar, is a doctor. He was born from first husband of Daw Htar who soldier major. He away from his mother because he was adopted by grandfather and mother. Phoe Htue is a second son of Daw Htar. He is Autism. While Daw Htar was on the fire, the restaurant owner drunker assaulted and she got pregnant. Phoe Htue was born in jail. Maung Naing Win is an engineer. He was born from Daw Htar with third husband trishaw worker. Ma Thi Dar is a Fourth daughter of Daw Htar. She was born same father and mother of Maung Naing Win. So, you will listen interesting about Love and Brave of Daw Htar or a Mother who have 3 husband and 4 children in along her rough and difficult life. If you are interesting, you can play on "Mighty Mother" audio story.