My Money ..... My Love
My Money ..... My Love
Speaker : Naing Lin, Cho Thae, May Moe, Kaytumati Myo Aung, Yoteshin Ye Soe, Than Htun Zaw
Count : 4751
Uploaded Date : 2016-05-30 23:08:18

Story Line : "My money, My time, My love" play is show authority and grass roots, fair and unfair, poor and rich of society. Zay Yar is a son of poor farmer family. He has a younger sister, Htwe Tin. His father was killed by Head man of village with unfair case and their farm was lost. His sister, Htwe Tin got pregnant with son of Duke and she was denied for pregnant from him. So she was suicide. Later, Zay Yar became a famous play actor and he also rich. How he revenge to them. If you want to know, turn on this play.