Please Hate Gently, My Heart is Dainty
Please Hate Gently, My Heart is Dainty
Speaker : Gita Sarso Mg Kyae Mone, Kawlate Gyi Nay Win, Danuphyu Nyunt Nyunt Shwe, Danuphyu Kyi Kyi Thein, Pachi Lay Win, Kaytumati Myo Aung
Count : 8010
Uploaded Date : 2016-04-08 23:04:34

Story Line : Min Din is a officer and he has one sister named Moe. One day he followed with illegal fisherman ship to sea and face with terrible storm. Their ship is collapsed and fortunately Min Din reach a shore. One village named Ko Yin saw unconscious Min Din at the shore. So he rescued Min Din and took him to his home. Min Din thanks Ko Yin and take him to Yangon to get better life. When Ko Yin reach Yangon , he doesn't fit in with city life and Min Din's sister Moe also don't like him. So Min Din asks his girlfriend to help in changing Ko Yin way of living. How would the story come to the end? Let's find out in this audio story.