When Villagers have a Sweetheart
When Villagers have a Sweetheart
Speaker : Kawlate Gyi Nay Win, Pachi Lay Win, Danuphyu Kyi Kyi Thein
Count : 7090
Uploaded Date : 2016-03-17 01:50:38

Story Line : Chat Kyee and Pwa Kyee are brother and they are from upper Myanmar villagers. One day they visit to Yangon and their uncle told them bewares to girls from Yangon. When they reached Yangon they are in bungling and they met with Khine Thazin. She is a singer. And then Khine Thazin fools around the two brothers and take advantage from both of them by pretending she have twins. Will two brother find out about her ? and What will happen to them. Let's find out in the story.