"Gote Ti La" Play
Speaker : U Tun Tint
Count : 2026
Uploaded Date : 2016-08-25 00:08:26

Story Line : Gote Htee La play is a play in 550 lives of graceful Buddha plays. Gote Htee La is a famous Harp Player in Baranathi country. Buddha preached this play to intend about Daewadut. Main object of story is insulting to teacher by a pupil. Gote Htee La was an expert harp player since he was young. He is a single and support his blind parent. The King of Baranathi praised to him for a royal Musician. Everyone in Baranathi have been heard his harp sound. He is a top one harp player in Baranathi. One day some merchants of Baranathi arrived to Oatsany country for trading. There is a famous harp player. His name is Gu Thi La. During the rest time, the merchants arranged to perform by harp sound. So they invited to Gu Thi La to play the harp. When play the harp Gu Thi La, they disliked Gu Thi la's playing harp sound. Gu Thi La wants to know, why? They tell about harp master Gote Htee La from Baranathi to Gu Thi La. So Gu Thi La eager to learn the harp-lesson from the Gote Htee La. He asked to merchant brought to him to Baranathi with their return home. What will be continue, very interesting story. The story is about the pupil against compete his master. You should not miss this story.