Try to Fade from Memory
Try to Fade from Memory
Speaker : Pachi Lay Win, Mar Mar Aye, Soe Khant (Kyoe Pin Kaut)
Count : 3629
Uploaded Date : 2016-07-21 03:50:36

Story Line : "Mae Kwet Ko Shar" story express love and life of lady singer Aye Mar. The story shows the result of good-hearted and good-temper person on the world. It also spotlight rich and poor of life and chequered. Aye Mar is a daughter of poor mother who sell boiled pea. She likes music and she has sweet voice. She became a singer with her famous song "Mae Kwet Ko Shar". She falls in love with a son of boss, Tun Tun. So she was on the fire. She faced to many troubles. Tun Tun is a son of boss. He love to Aye Mar with true love but his father dislike to Aye Mar. so his father destroy their love. He parted with Aye Mar. Min Lu lives in Mandalay. His parent own cheroot production business. He heard a song "Mae Kwet Ko Shar" on the train while he came-back to Mandalay from Yangon. He like this song and he don't know the singer of the song who is sitting in front of him. They meet in "The Princess, born with the golden bowl" story. What is carrying on them? If you are interest, play on this audio story. This story based on famous singer Mar Mar Aye's "Mae Kwet Ko Shar" song. The dialogs are so good in grade 9. If you fell on it, you should play on this audio story.