"Am Ba" Play
Speaker : U Tun Tint
Count : 3362
Uploaded Date : 2016-06-11 02:36:53

Story Line : Am Ba play is a play in 550 lives of graceful Buddha plays. Am Ba mean mango and mango tree. There was a foxy old monk while Buddha lives in Zaytawon monestry , Thar Wut Hti country. He lived in mango tree garden and keeps the garden. He always eats the mangoes and give away others who he like. One day, the young men came to mango garden to thieve mango. They ate and carried all of mangoes. The old monk was very angry when he knows about this. At this time, four young rich man daughters came back from bathe in Ahsaylawati River. The old monk met the four ladies in the mango garden. So that does think it could happen? Let's find out in the story.