Haughty person
Haughty person
Speaker : Pachi Lay Win, Hnin Mar Win, Soe Khant, Ko Lay Maung, Zarchi Win, Kyaw Win Maung, May Thi Hnin)
Count : 6587
Uploaded Date : 2016-04-22 06:27:10

Story Line : Myittar is a poor man and he have to struggle a lot in his life. As he is a ambitious person, he always wants to improve more and more and tried very hard. U Yar Zar is his boss and he has one daughter named Hnin Si. Myittar save Hnin Si one time from bad guys . They knows each other since before he worked for her father. Myat Htet is College student born from rich family. Myat Htet and his parents used to discriminate on other people around them. Myat Htet and Hnin Si are friends and they are attending college together. Myat Htet is fond of Hnin Si very much. Will Hnin Si love him? What kind of destiny could happen among Myattar, Hnin Si and Myat Htet. Let's find out in this audio story.