Beautiful Heart Lover
Beautiful Heart Lover
Speaker : Khin Than Nu, Nu Maung, U Aung Latt Soe
Count : 3749
Uploaded Date : 2016-03-25 23:06:51

Story Line : Ko Myo and Nwe are a nice couple. Ko Myo has hypertension problem in his health because he drink, smoke and also found of eating salty food. He is never interested to do exercise of his health as well. Nwe is always warning him not to drink, smoke and eat salty foods. Ko Myo doesn't listen to his wife's words. One day he gets heart attack and his wife call their family doctor. The family doctor, Dr. Ye Swe, advice to Ko Myo to get cure at hospital. Ko Myo refuses to go and he promises he will reduce using cigarette and alcohol. And again he gets heart attack for the second time. So what will happen to the husband, Ko Myo, let's find out in the story. Will he neglect on his health will take away his life ? or could he be cured ?