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Speaker : BEd Aung Thite, Swe Zin Htike
Count: 6977

Story Line : A rich old man have two daughters. The younger sister was fell in love with a staff boy of her father. Her father tried to get rid of the young boy. That young boy brother couldn't stand the saturation and tried to solve all the problem. This story is the combination of love and adventure.......

Speaker : Shwe Man Tin Maung
Count: 286

Story Line : This is story about two grandchildren of king Anawrahta. The king honored them with 9 districts for carried Buddha's Tooth Relics and he want to build a collectivism pagoda. So he ordered to carry 1 brick, some water and little cement for each citizen from his Kingdom. But the two brothers forgot to carry this simple task the king asked. When Anawrahta came to see the pagoda, he saw there has two hollow-brick-spaces. That why the King w......

Speaker : Kawlategyin Nay Win, Danuphyu Kyi Kyi Thein
Count: 11286

Story Line : This is a comedy story. When the loopy up-country man came to Yangon(Country Capital), he start to face with many problems because he do not understand city culture. Then luckily he met a lovely girl who help him and also to finish the task that he came to finish. How much can he miss understand and causing problem in Yangon, let continues to listen the funny story.......

Speaker : Dat Si, Dat San
Count: 7856

Story Line : This is a short comedy story of lifestyle lace one’s speech with humour.......

Speaker : Kawlategyin Nay Win, Tin Tin Nwae
Count: 44431

Story Line : ......

Speaker : Shwe Man Tin Maung
Count: 4183

Story Line : ......

Speaker : Hla Kyaw Nay
Count: 7638

Story Line : This is a comedy story about the villager to create a play at Tasaungtaing Festival.......

Speaker : Academy Tun Wai
Count: 5458

Story Line : ......

Speaker : Kawlategyin Nay Win, Soe Shwe, Mg Kyae Mone, Pan Chi Lay Win, Tin Tin Nwae
Count: 492

Story Line : ......

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